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PowerPDU 8QS

PowerPDU 8QS


NETIO PowerPDU 8QS is a PDU (Power Distribution Unit) with eight outputs (8x IEC-320 C13) for installation in a 19” cabinet (1U). Each output can be independently controlled over the Web, with a mobile app, from NETIO Cloud or using an Open API (SNMP or Modbus/TCP). Electrical measurements for the PDU as a whole and for Output 1 (All + 1). 


Each output can be switched on at pre-defined times and days of week (Scheduler). Output states after power-up can be configured independently for each output (PowerUp state / PowerUp delay).


PowerPDU 8QS is a product for professional use. Output relays switch at zero voltage (ZVS) to avoid issues with the switching of devices that have a high inrush current. Electrical measurements (V, A, W, Wh, TPF, Hz) with an accuracy better than 1% over the entire operating temperature range.


With the NETIO Cloud service, the outputs can be controlled from anywhere. The NETIO Cloud service is provided for a fee but it uses SSL security and servers in Europe. The smart socket device can be also controlled using the NETIO Mobile2 app for Android.

  • Dimensions

    439 x 41 x 90 mm

Color: Black
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